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Mrs Kerala Global

Pegasus was established in the year 2000 as a proprietary firm. Initially, the firm was into the event management business. In the year 2001, the firm entered into the production of serials and programs in television media. The idea of conducting beauty pageants under the title ‘Miss South India’ was conceived in the year 2002, and the title was crowned for the very first time in the same year. In 2003, a musical band was formed to promote the new talents in Kerala under the banner ‘Minnalai’. The organisation also started a division called Pegasus Records in the year 2005 to release the albums sung by our band members. In 2004, the company introduced the idea of live musical performance in decorated vehicles. In 2006, we announced the first television award in an effort to encourage the eminent personalities of media and television industry.

In the year 2010, Pegasus introduced ‘MBA award’ and awarded the award in the same year itself with the concept of launching the richest business forum of Malayalees. In 2011, a national pageant was announced under the title ‘Miss Queen of India’ and the same was crowned in that year itself. Also, a monthly English magazine, named ‘Unique Times’, was launched in the same year.

In the year 2012 the company was into the production of films and in the year 2013, a Malayalam magazine under the same title and a new event International Fashion Fest (IFF) was also launched. In the same year, we launched our dream project: the ‘Miss Asia’.

In 2014, the organisation had been completely transformed from an event management company into an event production company owning a dozen of amazing event brands. In 2015, the television award was combined with business excellence award under the name FMB (Film, Media & business) Award. Also IFF was clubbed with International Business Excellence Award under the banner VPN IBE Award in the same year.

In 2016, the richest business forum of Malayalees was registered under the title ‘Federal International Chamber Forum’.

Other than events, the company has also marked its excellence in the film and media industry. They have their own magazine, published in both Malayalam and English language and have their respective web portals too. And there are other web portals like Europe Times and Times New focusing on European and American news respectively; UT TV and UT World are the other web portals.

They also stepped into the shoes of product marketing by their different innovative product like DQUE masks, Sanitizers, watches, soap, and so on.

  • 20+ Years in Event Management
  • Experienced Team
  • Strong Office Network
  • Customized Events
  • Brand Salience through Events
  • Assured Impact

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